About Us

The foundation stone of "Adarsh ​​Kanya Postgraduate College, Giyapur, Barua - Jalanki, Tanda - Ambedkar Nagar" based on the unbroken rock of sacred ideas was established on December 3, 2000. The purpose of which is not only to educate girls but to make them eligible, that they can provide a meaningful direction to the society and the nation. Over the last several years, this college is a pioneer in the field of women education in Ambedkar Nagar district with new successes and innovations - under the patronage and guidance of Honorable Lalji Verma (former Minister UP).

This institution has been affiliated with the Highness Chancellor / Governor by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Awadh University, Faizabad. This college is situated in the north direction of the Ambedkar Nagar headquarters, situated at the distance of approximately 03 km in the direction of the 15th and 16th kms of Akbarpur-Iltifatganj road and from the Iltifatganj (city area) in the south direction. Tanda-Varuya Jalaki road, west of Tanda Tehsil headquarters, is approximately 10 km away. All the roads connecting this college are of pucca and coating.

From the point of view of traffic, the arrangement of buses, jeeps etc. on the Iltifatanganj-Maya route, through the Central College of Fajababad from Akbarpur, headquarters of Ambedkar Nagar district, is operated. The facility of buses, jeeps etc. from Tanda Tehsil headquarter is available for the college, while being effluentful. In the same sequence, Tanda Nagar's Mohalla, from the western end of Aliganj, also tampo, Vikrama etc. Tanda - Varuya Jalanki walk on the pukka road, whose interpersonal distance is only 9 km.

Prior to 2000, there was no female college in this backward area of ​​Ambedkar Nagar district and there is still no postgraduate women's college. This college has been proved to be very useful in fulfilling the higher education related aspirations of all the students and guardians of this region. Due to availability of female hostel here, not only students of remote students but students of other districts also come to receive education. This college is being operated in M.A. in Hindi, Home Science, Sociology, Geography and Urdu subjects at postgraduate level. In this sequence, the successful operation of the B.Sc.-C (Home Science) course at the graduation level in Session 2007 - 08, the college has established a new record in the district Ambedkar Nagar. Apart from this, teaching of diet and nutrition and child development courses in M.Sc. - C (Home Science) is also being taught from Education - Session 2013-14. Education is also being provided in the M.E. Course from 2008-09 as well as academic session 2008-2010 which is an unprecedented success of this college because it is the only female education institute of this course in entire Ambedkar Nagar district.

The result of the teaching and college high educational environment of qualified and experienced professors / professors. That the academic performance and results of this college are not only in the entire Ambedkar Nagar district, but also at the university level, it is highly respected and has a special place, which has a test of results for different classes of previous years.

This college students fully follow the educational ideal for the overall development of the brain and the soul. This is the reason that the intellectual development of the students (brain) as well as their emotional development (soul) and the physical development (body) are also emphasized. Various workshops and programs are being implemented at the college level along with organizing day-night camps under the National Service Scheme (NSSS) program. It is also worth mentioning that the Adarsh ​​girl's post graduate college, Jiyapur Varuya Jalanki is under Tanda Ambedkar Nagar, Ambedkar Nagar Education Committee Mohiuddinpur, Dahwa Daulatpur Tanda Ambedkar Nagar and under the control of this committee, the establishment of Raja Ram Verma Institute of Education, among other colleges. College has been near and there is BTCT The recognition of operating the yard has been received.